Known words REDUCING

I hoped i wouldn’t have to come in here so soon after going Premium again but here i am.

If i get to the last page of a lesson, with say 2065 known words, as soon as i flip to the end of the lesson my words count reduces. It went from 2065 to 2033.

Please explain and or fix it.

LOL. Whoops!

Never had that one happen before…I think. Maybe I’m really at 40,000

Bump so mods will see. Still happening, across two languages now. I very clearly marked 6 words known in Norwegian, only to have it drop to 5 once the lesson completed. I’m using the latest version of firefox with no add-ons on an up to date macbook before you ask.

Yeah I have seen this behavior before, especially when first starting out in a language [where I know a lot of words]. Never lost 32 words though. My theory is that while you are in the lesson, the site trusts without carefully verifying that you are increasing the known word count, but once it finishes the lesson, it counts up your known words, using somehow more thorough logic, and decides the “unique” count is actually lower… Buggy in any case, hehe

It happens to me all the time. I would sure be interested as to why but it won’t matter in the long run.

Hello everyone,
Number of known words you have after you complete a lesson is correct. Word count while you are still going through lesson may be wrong.
That is becase when you move to next page all blue words became known and are counted, even if some of them repeat several time on the page.
For example, if you have a sentence “What is your name?” four times on the page, when you move on to next page, counter will show that you have 16 new known words. But in reality you had only 4 new words on that page and after you complete the lesson, counter will update with the corrent number.

We will get this fixed for sure, but I just want to assure you that number of your known words is correct.

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