Known words no longer count up

Today I decided to take the time to go through some of my ‘old’ LingQs and mark them as known.
I did this using Flash Cards, Cloze Test and manually setting them to Known (green marker).
When I was done only 4 out of 45 LingQs were left.
But my Known Words count still shows as 1858 which it has done for several days now.

This way I will never reach a higher level here and I also won’t be able to meet the 90-day-challenge’s target.

I’m beginning to question very seriously why I’m using LingQ in the first place and even pay for it when I spend more time reporting problems than actually learning. Not to mention the iOS app’s problems which I have become resigned to.

EDIT: The count does go up if I open a lesson first and then click on the green marker. But this should work from the vocabulary just as well.

Hi Deahna, your Known Words counter will increase from the vocabulary page. Once you close the Flash Cards, Multiple Choice etc… the page will refresh and you will see the increase to your Known Words if you’ve added them during the tests. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the page automatically refresh, but the system has been updated.

In regards to the iOS app, what issues are you having?


No, Kiran, that’s exactly what it does NOT do.

Today I started off with 1860 Known words, after marking two as Known from their lesson pages.

Out of today’s Daily LingQs there were 6 that had status 4.
I marked “land” as Known on the page itself. No reaction.
Then I reviewed them as Flashcards and marked “choclad” as Known. The other I simply confirmed with Got It! When told that there are no more LingQs to review I closed the window. It takes a few seconds. But I’m still at 1860.
Next I used the Cloze Test. “bläddra” and “panna” were moved to Known by the system, “currysås” I marked as Known myself. “särskilt” I answered wrong on purpose, it got moved down to 3. The system then told me “No LingQs remain in this session.” and I close the window. Again it takes a few seconds. And again there’s no update of the Known word count.

Refreshing the page, clearing the cache and using another browser (Chrome, Safari “åtta”, “blod” (by system) and “blont”, Firefox 28 “barn”) does not change a thing.

Even by only counting the words I moved to Known myself I should by up to 1866 but I’m still at 1860.

As for the iOS app, let’s concentrate on the Known Words problem first, shall we?

Hi Deahna,
Hmm, we have tried again and we are still not able to reproduce the issue. Known word counter works fine for us on both Lesson and Vocabulary page. Would you please give us permission to log into your account and check what could be wrong? If you do, please send us your login info on support (at)

Yes, happy to do so. (Mail went out a minute ago)

I just checked the stats as well:
Known words for today: 1 (the one I marked as Known on the lesson page)
LingQs learned: 2 - and where are the other 5 I marked manually and 3 that got marked by the system?


(and hours for listening yesterday didn’t sync from the app either; just added yesterday’s 44 min manually for today)

My Known Word count has now been reduced to 1859 !!!

Hi Deahna,
As I’ve told you via email, our developers are looking into this and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more informations. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Deahna,
I’ve asked you via email, but I haven’t received reply. Can you please confirm that you’re not having this issue anymore? Thanks!

No, I can’t confirm this but since I also have a life other than LingQ (a family birthday for instance) I also haven’t responded to your mail yet. I prefer to write a qualified answer rather than just rant.
At least it does count up in some seemingly random way now.