Known words indicator

It`s so great that now Known words indicator updates in real time. Good enhancement.

And I think that it would be more great to see this indicator also on right now empty part of bar left to gear icon.
In such way you can see your Known words counter while you reading your text. Click - increase, click - increase (or decrease)…

No need to scroll up to see own progress.

… to take my attention on every click? No, thanks.

@Ress - but now your attention takes on Points earned and Percentage to new level in the bottom bar.
I think Known words is more important.

I find all of them not so important to see how they blink by every click.
All of them are very interesting and funny. But I feel no need to check them every second.

@sdom - Thanks for the feedback! Right now we have a percentage displaying which shows your known words progress to the next level. We had looked at having the known words number show there but decided a percentage was better. However, we’ll take your feedback into account as we continue to make refinements!