Known words count no longer counting

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I learn new words using flashcards or the other tests, my known words count is not increasing. This seems to be especially the case for lingqs that I have imported. I may learn 10 new words and the number jumps up just one or perhaps it doesn’t budge at all. Not a serious issue but when you have a known word goal each week it can be a little frustrating.

Any way to fix this?

try to refresh the page, then the new words will be added.


Mmmmmmm… I have been, many times, but still no change.

@ElizabethFaith - When reviewing words, you’ll have to review them successfully up to Status 4 in order for them to be considered “learned” and added to your Known Words Total. Reviewing a Status 1 word successfully will move it up to Status 2. Hopefully this helps clarify things!

Yes, these were words I had reviewed up till status four. It is working again now. I have had two days when it seems to have frozen and though I’ve refreshed the page or even gone over the words again nothing has changed. Last time the number suddenly just jumped up about half an hour later while I was flicking between pages doing other things. I was hoping the same thing would happen again this time though I’m pretty sure it hasn’t. Oh well, I’m just hoping it isn’t a common occurrence.

There appears to be some weird bug happening in the system for myself, too.

I have some blue words appearing in new imports uploaded today, even though they are basic known words. Then when I mark them as known, they won’t go away when I re-open. Either the counter won’t change when this happens (and that’s fine since I don’t want credit for words previously marked as known), or, the counter will climb for a while, then return back to the previous correct number.

Harmless, but I’ve wasted too much time fiddling with it. I have also been unable to upload audio (endless timer) in my last few attempts today. Hopefully it will settle down.

Edit: I was able to upload some audio just then, though it’s somewhat lagging.

That sounds rather frustrating.

@ElzabethFaith - Hmm, that’s quite strange. I’m glad to hear this is working properly for you now, but if you notice this issue again be sure to let us know!

@Julz611 - Is this still happening for you in these lessons? If so, would you send me a link to one of these lessons?

How do you view your known words that are in the top left hand corner of the page?

@earthangels - Currently there is no option to see the list of your total Known words.

You can review all your terms (LingQs) on the Vocabulary page. Use word status filters on the right hand sidebar to see the terms you have moved to the status 4 (known words).