Known Words & (cefr) Levels /List

What are the Known Words (in Lingq) required to hit the different CEFR levels? For example, Beginner-2 (Français) appears to peg @ 1,700 kW. Presumably, there are published lists for available Languages. Apologies if it’s obvious, or explained in anther thread. / Merci !

They do not align. The CEFR level is a whole different beast. There are many posts about this topic. Generally a B1 (2nd -3rd grade) level you should be able to hold a conversation with a little bit of a struggle and the B2 level (4th-6th grade) conversation.
Someone will come on and disagree and have a big long answer but this is the most basic analogy I can give you.

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Basically click on your profile and then Getting Started Guide.

They are not made for every language, but there might be an indication; How many Known Words do I need to reach the different levels?

I personally disagree and think all levels might be 2 times higher for French and in Russian and Arabic 4 times higher.

300 family words and able to ask for directions and help.
A1 → 1500 known words in English
A1 → 3000 known words in Romance languages
A1 → 6000 known words in Russian and Arabic.

4000 family words able to talk with anyone follow TV shows for 90%+ percent and study at a school in that language
B1 → 20 000 known words in English
B1 → 40 000 known words in Romance languages
B1 → 80 000 known words in Russian and Arabic

8000 family words able to talk about everything and read everything and have mental space left.
C1 → 40 000 known words in English
C1 → 80 000 known words in Romance languages
C1 → 160 000 known words in Russian and Arabic.


Thanks [ibn_rushd]. This is what I was looking for. Much appreciated.

Next, need to check the Statistics - and assess why my Days/KnownWord/LingQs ratio is so different from most others. It’s currently ~14% (700/5100) for French. Presumably due to a different take on the difference between “known” & “recognised” words/conjugations/phrases etc. Unfortunately, doing a stack of SRS every day (to catch up & improve the ratio) would take more time than I have available.

For me

Turkish is at ~7% (207 / 2863)
Indonesian is at ~10% (246 / 2363)
Russian is at ~13% (4733 / 34674)
French is at ~57% (23299 / 40332)

I don’t advice doing SRS. It will go up by itself, just keep LingQing. You are doing 30 LingQ’s a day if you want to improve your known words just double your daily LingQ’s. Steve is currently going slow (so he says himself) and he is doing around 60 LingQ’s a day.

I would advice to do 1000 LingQ’s to just figure out how to do so many and afterwards figure out what you realistically can do.

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