Known word yellow window firefox problem

I’am sorry if this is a known problem, but i’ve been away a while, just started linqing again and couldn’t find a similair thread.

I think my problem has to to with the new version 4 of firefox i’m using. Because the update was the only change i can think of. But maybe it’s something different: The yellow boxes don’t appear anymore when i hover over them. I have to click on them to make them appear, and click again to make them dissapear.

It’s not terrible, but it was nicer the old way i think.

Is there anyone else experiencing this issue, and can anything be done about it?


Hi, and welcome back :slight_smile:

This was an intentional change (see the blog post for the official announcement:

However, we have had mixed reactions to it, with some preferring the click and some preferring the hover. With this in mind, we are currently working on a way to allow users to choose from the two. We hope to have this up with the next major update, and there will be a setting on the Settings page when this is completed.

Just a tip: to make the popups disappear more quickly, just simply pass your cursor over the yellow box and it will disappear immediately.

Good luck!