Known audio Sources for Japanese Literature?

I am creating LingQ Course from a blog that provides small excerpts of Japanese literature, and he provides translations, vocabulary, and grammar explanations.

He provides the excerpt and translation, but I would like to add audio. (I don’t want to add the vocab and grammar to the lessons themselves, it breaks the flow of going through lessons IMO, especially mixed with English).
I imagine there might be some source on the internet of native Japanese speakers reading Japanese literature. Does anyone know of such a site?

What I plan to do is cut audio excerpts, add them to the lessons, and make my course public.

This is where I am getting the excerpts, for anyone interested:

I know of two. The first link is not limited to Japanese. The second one is purely Japanese.

You can also find some stuff on youtube if you search for terms such as: オーディオブック or the name of the book/author you’re looking for paired with " recording" or " 録音"

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