Know words

This morning, I read a text and saved very few words. When I updated, it was written know words -172 ??

If a lesson has words which you don’t save before updating the status (after which the system assumes you know them), those will be counted negative if you save them later.

It happens to me all the time.

However, to get a negative value of -172, you should at least have saved 172 (previously “seen” but not “saved”) words…

That does seem strange and may have something to do with the reindexing that was done to all system texts in the last few days. A few negative words can be added in the way Jeff describes but if you only saved a few words -172 is not possible. I will check with Mike and let you know. Let me know if it happens again.

It already happened to me to have a negative result when I saved many unknown words or some that that were supposed to be known first. But this morning, as I wrote, I haven’t saved a lot of words in that text. It is the reason why I wondered what happened. This afternoon, I read another text and this didn’t happen again…

Mike thinks it was a one time problem related to the re-indexing of the system. Hopefully, it is fine now. Please let me know if it continues to happen.