Klartext Nyheter (P4 Stockholm)


I used to be a member last year, and I saw many Klartext lessons in the library. I’ve become a member again recently, and saw that none of these lessons have been updated. I created a lesson today from Klartext, pasting and cobbling a transcript from the website, and uploading a five minute audio.

But then I saw a note from Mark saying he had obtained permission from Klartext to upload some lessons back in 2011. Was it not public domain already?

I guess I should just write to the program to ask, but I thought I saw it listed as a source under Swedish just last year. It is not there now.


Usually the sources in the import section are sources where we have no permission to share them, but users can import them as private lessons.

But I don’t know if LingQ has permission for Klartext. Probably it’s best if you ask them.

Thank you, Veral!