Kindle Paperwhite 4 - For Russian

Hey all.
I’m strongly considering buying a Kindle, but it’s quite a hefty price for me (A student).
I’m getting to the point where I can fairly comfortable read books in Russian and would like to read them as close to proper book format as possible.
So a kindle seems to be the best options.
But I have some questions I hope you can help me with.

I know the Paperwhite is linked with Amazons store. But I want to use as it has a much better stock of Russian books. Can I import the Ebook formats from Litres to my Amazon Kindle? (This is really important as it’s the only reason I want to buy a Kindle).

If so how would I go about getting the Litres’ files on the tablet.

I’ve heard that you can do some kind of instant word lookup on kindles, can you do this for Russian as well?
Would be great to help with comprehension.

What kind of benefits are there between lingQ and a Kindle?

Anyone who have experience using Paperwhite/Any Kindle for Russian learning/Reading.

That’s all. :slight_smile:

  • Magnus

Kindle Paperwhite has Russian Language support and dictionary, I believe. To read e-books from other retailers you’ll need to covert them into the .mobi format, which Calibre can do.

Benefits between LingQ and Kindle are up to the individual user’s preference. I think that up to reaching Advanced 2 here, LingQ has the advantage of faster word lookup, better support for expressions, progress tracking, and so on. After Advanced 2, and beyond, those benefits are still there, but their significance may diminish as you move on to more regular use of the language, including Kindle and paper reading.


Thank you. I went ahead and ordered the tablet yesterday. Looking very forward to trying it out. :slight_smile:
Makes sense with the Advanced 2, Currently I’m at Advanced 1, but I find easier books/novels to be okay without looking words up too often.

You know how to use google, so maybe you’ve already seen this article about ways to upload other content to Kindle. I don’t have one so cannot comment further, though I’m sure others can advise. There are lots of threads in these forums about Kindle (though many are about exporting rather than importing).


Thank you. Yeah I saw this article, and actually bought the tablet right after. It seems fairly simple so looking forward to testing it out. :slight_smile:

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Кажется что я не пришёл вовремя, но я посоветовал бы купить себе Pocketbook так как насколько я знаю русская поддержка гораздо лучше)

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Да, уже купил. Но спасибо.
Может выт что Покетбоок поддержка луче. Но Папэрвите совсем неплохой.
я уже перегрузил мои э-книги и почитал без проблемой.

Я заметил что ты довольно усердно учишь русский язык) Не хочешь ли подружиться? Я думаю, что я смогу тебе помочь подтянуть свой русский.

Но, я уехал в дому девушки завтра, на неделю. Так что у меня нет времени для изучена.
Но потом, был бы рад.

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