Kind of /sort of , what do they mean?

Hi Friend, In spoken english, i find native speaker often use kind of or sort of before a verb. such as

If we’re just doing a mellow, light run, we can kind of chat the whole way
I just sort of started trying various activities with them

what do they mean?


I would say that it is similar to “somewhat”, “partly”, “a little bit”, “to some extent” etc.

  1. Do you agree with what I just said?

  2. Sort of (not completely)

  3. Did you understand what the man was saying?

  4. Kind of (not entirely)

  5. Have you done your homework?

  6. Sort of (not finished)

  7. Did you enjoy the movie?

  8. Kind of (a little bit, to some extent)

I hope this has kind of helped.

But as long as you sort of understand, it won’t matter that much. Even if you are kind of lost, it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence much.

sort of , kind of = 就是,好比, 好像,
那洋,just filler words

thank peterlaunonen for your examples, they explain a lot

and thank steve, 你的解释让我彻底明白了