Keystroke added?

I like the changes with Lingq 2.0.

This past week I have been copying text into the “hint” box and then simply moving on without hitting enter. Today I created about a dozen lingqs and then noticed a “save” button has appeared next to the hint box. Since I was not hitting enter or clicking on save, the lingqs I created today did not have their ‘hint’ saved. Not a big deal but if I could inquire, why was one more keystroke/click added to the lingq creation process?

While I’m at it: I’ve also lost the ability to select a portion of the dictionary entry and drag it into the hint box. Again, not a major feature, but it would be nice if that could come back.


@jawgbi - We did push that change yesterday. You now need to hit Enter or click the button to have the changes in the Hint and Phrase field save. All other changes should be recorded instantly. We could have the changes saved when you hit left or right arrow as well to eliminate a keystroke. Would that work?

Regarding the dragging and dropping, I find that works in most browsers but not in Chrome and it was like this before the update as well. I’m not sure why this is but it is an issue in Chrome I believe.

Yes, I think the left or right arrow as an option to save the Hint would be helpful, thank you.