Keyboard shortcuts for the 'ratings' of the words

The ability to navigate through the lingqs just by using my keyboard is great. However, when I meet a yellow word I had already learned in the meantime, I want to set its status to 4. To do that, I have to use the mouse and click on the appropriate number. Would it be possible to associate a keyboard shortcut to that action as well?

This has been mentioned a couple of times. I’m waiting for it as well. So far, there has been no sign that they plan on implementing anything of the sort any time soon.

See alb’s question on from Sept. 5, 2012
Further down that page I second it, and others seem to also like the idea

A few days later in this thread
Mark says, “Interesting idea. We’ll see about adding other shortcuts once the dust settles.”

Now it’s two months later. When will the dust have settled? Who knows.

Check out KnowItSome’s post on August 25, 2010 in this thread:

It took more than two years for the known word shortcut to be realized, so maybe we’re expecting too much…

You have to realize that our programming resources are limited, and what is of interest to one or even some members may not be perceived as a high priority in terms of all of our users. Therefore, a little patience is required. If you persuade all your friends to join LingQ and we then have the means to hire many programmers, we will be able to make this changes more quickly.

I have no idea where this sits in terms of priority, but perhaps Mark will comment.

I’m loving the recently added keyboard shortcuts and would welcome even more, like this idea.