Keyboard shortcut to play/pause audio, restart for 90-day challenge

We pushed a few small updates in the last few days we wanted to let you know about. First of all, we have added a new keyboard shortcut for playing/pausing lesson audio. Just click shift + spacebar to start and stop the audio player on the lesson page. This has been requested for a long time and we are glad to finally be able to add it!

We have also made some adjustments so that you can now re-start your 90-Day Challenge. We know that sometimes, despite the best of intentions, things happen and we can fall behind. Now, you can have a fresh start any time you like in order to tackle your language learning goals!

We pushed a variety of other changes including fixes related to tagging on the Vocabulary page and fixes and improvements when using User Hints as a dictionary, including incorrect hint flagging.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

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Great news about the restart for the 90-day challenge. I started one in Russian last year, but then got completely bogged down in work which included work trips to Geneva and Paris. When I finally got some rest from work, I had already lost a lot of time and didn’t feel motivated to try to catch up on a challenge I had never really started.

Yaay for the restart for 90-Day Challenge! :slight_smile: