Keyboard shortcut for starting/stopping the audio

Is there a keyboard shortcut for starting and stopping the audio? This is really the last thing holding me back from working on the lessons in LingQ keyboard-only (I have to use the mouse to stop and play the audio when I have to create lingQ or do some other action while listening).

I would suggest assigning the space bar to the stop/play action, as it is the most usual choice (it works on YouTube and in most audio and video players).

As the edit function doesn’t seem to be working, I’ll write it here: By “stopping” I meant “pausing”, of course :). A shortcut that would start replaying the audio from the beginning wouldn’t be very useful.

There isn’t currently a shortcut for this. The space bar is actually taken, and is used for opening and closing the popups in minimized view. It isn’t yet high on our list, but another member did say that he would consider building his own tweak for this. Take a look at eturgeon’s post in this thread: