Keep receiving - syntax error; unexpected token '<', " - why and how to fix?


I keep receiving the above error message for seemingly no apparent reason. It also occasionally causes the current lesson to close. What is the cause of this issue and how can I fix it?


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looks like this

This error I have on a regular basis, though not often, but often enough. Sometimes it occurs when lingq goes offline for maintenance, but mostly it is just an error.

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This is a frequent error I get as well but with different signs (most often &). I have not been able to pinpoint the issue excactly.

It’s probably related to the translations in the LingQ: Sometimes it is random where it appears once but goes away if I click on another word. But sometimes it remains causing a lingQ to not be able to move a word to another known level (1,2,3,4). In this case it often helps to click the X on the translation to remove it and than type your own translation in.
It might also be possible that LingQ doesn’t like certain signs in the tranlations. Do you have Lingqs where ‘<’ is part of the translation of the LingQ ? If yes that might cause the html to break if it is not masked properly. A html tag opens and closes with .

Just a guess from me however. I have not been able to cause the error reliably. But I can reliably work around it by removing a translation from a lingq.

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Thanks everyone, we will investigate this.

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I think when I’ve seen this it’s actually a poorly handled 503 error, implying the servers are just overloaded. Nothing for users to do about it