Keep lessons from automatically being added to continue learning list

Sometimes I am just searching for lessons to study. The problem for me is that I can look through 10 different lessons and decide I only want to study one of them. But the system automatically adds all 10 to the Continue to Study list. After a while, my continue to study list is unmanageable. Is there an option to not automatically add the lesson to the continue to study list?

Thanks for raising this issue that I already mentioned to the Lingq team many times, including during the beta testing phase for v.5.

Currently there is no way to stop courses being automatically added to continue studying. So we are obliged to delete every course we are not interested in manually.

VERY unintuitive

A small pop up asking the user if they want to add the course to CS or a button somewhere, or even an option in the settings would be welcome.

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That’s not possible at the moment, but I’ll forward your request to our development team.