Kanji skipped when reading imported Japanese dialogues

I’ve been importing basic Japanese dialogues and it goes pretty well but I’ve found some peculiar behaviour.

Some kanji are somehow ‘skipped’ and cannot be selected for lingqing. For example, in the word ‘⽇本の 夏’
(summer in Japan), the first kanji ⽇ cannot be selected in the reader. Only ‘本の’ is selectable. This has happened for several words/kanji and this makes it impossible to set all blue words to yellow for those lessons.

What the cause is, I’ve no idea but it is more than annoying to say the least. Has it something to do with the text itself? It definitely not browser related as the same thing happens in both
Firefox and Chrome.

Anyone experienced this before?

If you please can email us ( support(at)lingq.com ) and include URL to a lesson you noticed the issue with, that would be great. Thanks!