Kana into vocabulary

I’m not too sure I know what to do when adding hiragana to the known words section, they represent the gammar of Japanese so far as I can tell, but I’m not confident that lingq makes it obvious how best they should be moved into the known section or marked for learning. I would post an example, but I’ve maxed out my lingqs for the moment on my free account, haven’t decided whether to go with this program yet, which makes it kind of awkaward to see what I mean even when I do it myself I just get the “oops you need to buy the course” type of message when I try to look for an example. I haven’t installed the Japanese ime on this computer either, so please bear with my stepping down to romanji to try and express an example.

Say some verb ends with janai, then it could be on the system as “ja na i”, not clumped together like I feel it should be is this on the things to fix list, or is it just that I chose badly constructed lessons or am I not understanding somethng pretty basic about how I should use the system?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Hi! There are quite a few different ways to use the site, but here is a thread from a while ago that might be helpful in giving you a better idea of how to learn Japanese: Japanese Language Learning Plan - Language Forum @ LingQ

On the individual words, Japanese naturally doesn’t have spaces, so we have to split the words out in order to allow you to click individual words and save them. The word splitter isn’t perfect, so sometimes there will be things that may not be split correctly, but it should be quite accurate in general and you shouldn’t run into too many things that are split incorrectly.

I’m sure some other Japanese learners on the site might have some more relevant feedback too :slight_smile: