Just Wondering

Hi.How come in the writing section there aren’t any Russian letters?
My KB doesn’t have the Russian alphabet on it.I think it’d be nice if there were a display of them in the writing section,anyone with me on this?

You should be able to find a Russian keyboard on the Internet, and order little pasties to paste on your keyboard, or, as is my case, a phonetic Russian keyboard which enables you to use you existing keyboard. The choice is up to each user.

  1. http://www.translit.ru/
  2. Ой!
  3. Mail.ru: почта, поиск в интернете, новости, игры
  4. Виртуальная Русская Клавиатура (ЯЖЕРТЫ) и проверка орфографии
    Hope this will help :slight_smile:

**) there shouldn’t be spaces between “cyril” and “lic” :slight_smile:

I dislike pasties.I think I’ll go with the sites.Thank you :).

By the way, if you’re using Firefox as a browser, you may take a look at http://russkey.mozdev.org/screenshots.html .

That’s a Firefox extension. It allows you to type with latin letters (something like “Vsem privet!” and then convert it into “Всем привет” with one button click.

In fact there are several ways to facilitate cyrillic typing with no cyrillic letters on the keyboard, you may choose the way your prefer.
It seems to me I’ve heard of some standalone Windows application which does the same job as “russkey” mentioned above.

Another interesting and useful tool for convenient russian typing is Punto Switcher (Windows only), Ой!
I like much the way it acts - it guesses what language you’re typing at the moment and switches the language on-the-fly. This is an excellent tool, it seems just a kind of magic. But it assumes your keyboard layout is “ЙЦУКЕН” (like at the picture @ Ой! , which is a standard russian keyboard layout)

Or else you may follow Steve’s advice and choose phonetic keyboard, where some corelation between latin and russian letters exists ( a->а, s->с, d->д, f->ф, and so on - look at Phonetics for Russian language ) and no need of pasties!

It’s up to you!

If you’re interested in learning to touch-type in Russian or English, Keyboard Tsar (free software) is very good: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/russian/online_practice.htm

WOW!Thnx:D!I think I have more than enough sites that will do for now.When and if I speak it fluently,I will get me a new kb:).Thank you all you’ve been of so much help.