Just found a Chinese psychology podcast with transcripts!

Hey everyone!

I just found a 喜马拉雅 podcast on psychology that also provides transcripts.

Well, actually they stopped providing transcripts so there aren’t any for the latest episodes but the transcripts for the older episodes are still available.

If you want you can even download the audio and upload it to LingQ.
You can do that with the Chrome extension Video DownloadHelper.

When LingQ doesn’t accept the downloaded audio file, simply import it into an audio editing software like Audacity and export it again as an mp3. That’s how I got it to work.

Hope this is useful to you guys.


This is awesome! Great find.

yes, I will definitely check this out. 谢谢!

Yesterday, I listened to “5分钟心理学” twice. Aside from a couple of words, I have no idea what was said, but because I really like the speakers voice, and the sounds of Mandarin, I merely listened. Immersion in audio incomprehensibility has never been a problem for me. Sounds like music, like poetry.

~Thanks for posting the link. (I’m listening to the same episode again—just for the pleasure of it!) ~ 谢谢 :slight_smile: