[JP] Harry Potter combined drm free ebook (1-7) doesn't import

I have a DRM free Harry Potter combined ebook (from the now defunct pottermore) which won’t import on lingq, and fails with the error 'Importing failed - ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘content’

Importing book 1 as an individual epub (also from pottermore) imports without error, so I suspect there’s something to do with the formatting.

I believe I can probably extract the text myself using python and ebooklib, but I thought I’d ask if there are any lingq workarounds first.

it should work, but you can always try to convert to different format etc with calibre

I have encountered this as well, I ultimately split the books apart after converting to a txt file in Calibre.


Yeah I couldn’t import Harry Potter either. I had copy and paste each book into its own txt file and then import that instead.

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I assumed this was a file size problem and started using smaller epubs.


Q: Is there a vendor that sells e-books that work on lingQ? It would be nice to know if it will work in LingQ before buying it.

I tried to import game of thrones novel 2 years ago and it was a waste of money and four hours of work with de-DRM tools that didn’t work. I haven’t bothered with books since then, but I really need more fuel for my german fire and so I’d like to import the second harry potter book, after finishing the first one which is available on lingQ.