Join the Beta Test group for LingQ for Android

With so many possible devices and OS versions, it has been a challenge to test each of our Android releases thoroughly before letting them out into the wild. Even with multiple Android devices, some pesky bugs still seem to make their way through.

The good news is that Google Play has a Beta Testing feature which allows us to send out versions early to a group of testers, giving us another buffer to make sure each version of the app is free of as many bugs as possible before we release it.

If you’re interested in joining the beta group, send an email to apps (at) and I’ll add you to the group and give you a link where you can confirm your interest in being a tester.

Right now we’re focusing on resolving the remaining issues, but we’ll very shortly be making the switch back to improving functionality further, and we look forward to your feedback on all this!

Only two spots remaining! Just kidding :wink: There’s not a fixed limit on the number of members. In fact, the more the merrier!

We’ve already got several people signed up, so if you’re interested in helping beta-test the app please send an email to apps (at) and I’ll help you get set up too.