Join our Language Gathering

In these difficult times, we wanted to do something positive for everyone stuck inside. We want to try and connect people to help us all take our minds off the current situation we are facing. Something positive to look forward to and an opportunity to interact and talk about something we are all interested in.
Therefore, we are planning to have a weekly “language gathering” for all language learners to meetup online and talk about their languages, what they’re learning, how they’re learning and basically anything and everything related to learning languages.
For this first meetup, four of us from the LingQ Team will be presenting briefly on the languages we are studying and how we are using LingQ. In future meetups hopefully some of you will volunteer to do the same, or to join Steve on our panel. There should also be lots of time for audience participation either by Q and A or even with opportunities to speak to the group.
To some extent, we will just feel our way through the first meetup and see where this goes.
If you’re a LingQ member, great, but, we want this gathering to be open to all language learners as well. Let your friends and family know.
You can join by clicking this link on: Mar 23, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada).

The first 100 who show up will get in but, not to worry, we will be livestreaming it at the same time on Steve’s YouTube Channel - Steve Kaufmann - lingosteve - YouTube, where you can post questions as well.
If you can’t make it, it will automatically be available on Steve’s Channel as well.

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Hi! After watching the gathering, I’d like to volunteer for the next one as a LingQ user and fellow linguist. Thank you again for all the content you keep providing us! Cheers from Italy


Nice idea, sorry I didn’t notice until after the event. Maybe next time.

Coincidentally one of my chat partners called me from Maroq at about the same time today even though we haven’t spoken in several weeks.

It’s really pretty cool to actually be able to speak another language – though badly – without feeling tongue tied all of the time.