Job opportunity

recently i my job has given me the opportunity to work in a french speaking country for a few months in one of their branches,and i have to learn french a language that i have not been very good or motivated to learn .i don’t know if it the bad teachers i had at school or it is the language. i havealways found it complicated to speak and spell any advice on how to get myself motivated to get through learning this language,it’sa great job position .

Hey Kevin

French is differents than English as some things doesn’t exist in our language than English.
Keep in minds learning language in first it’s having fun don’t be so serious or otherwise you will known some trouble and finish by give up like many people here. First you should listening a lot french podcast one times or twice after then you focus only words you don’t get it saved and writte below translation for you.

Learning language you don’t know at all is long way so don’t be worry about it.
I’m french if you looking for practice or help you can add me on skype princeshowtimee we will found schedules cuz you living very far then lol good weekend.

Find interesting content in French and start uploading it to Lingq. That’s the best motivation.

My no nonsense “two cents” to be taken with “a grain of salt:” It sounds like you don’t like French and, as a result, I suspect you won’t like this job. Apply yourself to something you are more passionate about and you will go further with it.

If you need some motivation

Some of france’s most beautiful women.

Eww don’t tell me you’re studying Russian for the women.

Seriously though, french is really not that difficult. Unless you are in academia or publishing professional journals and papers in french you don’t have to fret over mastering all the confusing grammar rules. The hardest thing about french by far is the pronunciation and listening comprehension. Just keep spamming listening to lessons over and over and you will start to hear it.

lol no of course not. I was kidding.