Jim Rohn about languages

Here’s the link to a Jim Rohn’s speech where he (approximately from minute 11:50 to 13:24) speaks about the importance of knowing more than one language as his second advice on how to get prepared for opportunity and competition in the opening years of the 21st century:

Thanks for sharing the link! :slight_smile:
I am listening now.

I had never heard of this guy until now but I liked the small segment that I watched from his video. My main motivation in learning any language (s) is the ability to teach it or “give” it to my future children as a gift. I can’t for the life of me understand why fully native speakers in a language or very, very advanced second-language speakers don’t teach their kids a second language. The percentage of people that successfully learn a language to very high levels as an adult is incredibly small. Most will never reach it due to work, lack of motivation, or some other reason. But if taught consistently from birth, it should be really little extra work if any. All of my aunts and uncles are 100% bilingual in English and Chinese and all it took was their parents speaking it to them all the time at home. Then they learned English at school.

I absolutely adore Jim Ronh (Bio: http://bestmotivationalauthors.com/all/jim-rohn/ ) - he is such an incredible motivational speaker who inspired thousands and thousands of people. Thanks for posting this video, just watched it again, Jim mentioned many times in his seminars how important it is to learn multiple languages for personal development.