Japanese words not being marked correctly?


I’m new and trying to use the japanse material. I wonder how other people make their lingqs. I also find that the words are not correctly marked. Also if it is possible in the future I think it would be an improvement if you could get an automatic translation, and not having to add the hint yourself.

As for content I really enjoy authentic dialouge in simple language between people. I recently listened to a dialouge between Steve and somebody in Germany talking about cultural differences and Russia. Very Interesting.

Cheers from Sweden

Hi bullen79,

The splitting of words in Japanese has been a tricky issue but now, for the most part, the words are correctly split. I use the system for Japanese myself and it works well. It’s not perfect but it works well. For the words that are broken up, you can highlight them after you click I Know All and you will be able to add them as well.

We don’t have an automatic translation because very often those can be lengthy and have multiple meanings. However, any hints that are created are remembered and displayed the next time someone looks up that word. If you are going from Japanese to Swedish, you are probably not coming upon too many previous user hints. However, the next Swedish learner of Japanese that comes along will be very happy for any hints you create. The idea is that over time we will have hints from all languages to all languages.

There are some good Japanese conversations as well once you get past the intro level. :slight_smile: