Japanese without spaces

A problem I had with using rikaichan (firefox extension) or rikaikun (chrome extension) on LingQ is that the spacing often cuts phrases that the extension would have recognized, in two. The “show/hide spaces” should remove them instead of hiding. I solved this by making a bookmarklet that I click instead of the “hide” link:

javascript: var $s = $j(“span.whitespace”); if($s.first().html()==“”) $s.html(" “); else $s.html(”");

Just create a bookmark with that as the URL in the bookmark bar or whatever.


Please “allow” longer URLs in the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this.

Allowing longer URLs and editing on the Forum are on our todo list, but not high in priority so for the time being please use Bitly or some such service to shorten the URLs.

I’ll re-post the links for convenience.

Crome extension

Firefox extension

If you are unsure about trusting a bit.ly link just add a + after the URL and you’ll know what URL you’re about to visit before you do. http://bit.ly/8jnoHL+ and http://bit.ly/ec59KY+ respectively.