Japanese TV/Movie Recommendations

Before I get into my question, I just wanted to thank everyone at LingQ for making this site possible since it vastly improved all my abilities in Japanese.

Now, onto what I’d like to ask from others… I’m looking to do lots of immersion in Japanese media as I feel I have ammased lots of vocabulary. TV programs like anime, drama, and the like as well as movies with English subs are what I’m looking for. Anyone got any good recommendations for these categories? Thanks to those who present some ideas!


nana, atashinchi no danshi, hana dori yango…

Boku no Pi…uhm…no…wait

There are tons of websites about “Jmedia”^^
. I think “mydramalist” and “myanimelist” are great ressources.

I see they shut down d-addicts. So sad. Wish I’d never deleted all those dramas that I watched :frowning:
You can try viki tv. They have a few dozen dramas there, some with english and japanese subtitles.