Japanese Tutor as form of income?

I have a few questions for those that teach Japanese or any other language as a full or part time tutor.

I am looking to pay off some student debt over the course of a year or so by tutoring to students on Japanese, but I’m not sure how many students I should take on or what I should price myself at in order to make a stable income. So far I’ve had no luck finding forums or videos discussing this topic.

I do understand that it is partially based on the platform being used online to tutor, but I’m hoping that someone can give a ballpark.

Thank you!

I am not sure to understand the question. You want to make some money teaching japanese and for that you need a free course in economy from us ?
How many students should you take ? depend on how many of them will take you, which depend on your price and reputation, which depend on your skill as a teacher, among other things.
You could also take the amount you want to make, divided it by the hourly fee for tutoring or by the number of free hours you have.

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If you are serious about making money by teaching, then avoid one-on-one and offer group lessons. Outschool.com can be a good website to check out.

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I don’t think that was the answer they were looking for. . . . doing the math to figure out how to price their lessons and how many students to take is very straight forward. I think what they wanted to know was more so in the realms of human capacity. I think their question was only partially economics but also they might’ve wanted advice from someone more experienced in the field on how many students to take on to make a stable income WITHOUT burning out and overworking themselves.

I think ryokoleo’s probably right: the best method might be to teach group lessons instead of one-on-ones.