Japanese Text Omitted Bug Android

I’ve noticed there are consistently characters missing between pages when reading in Japanese.

Could we please have this fixed?

Can you please provide an example of that?

Just edited the post to include and image.
You would expect a オ to show up at the beginning of the page as part of the word オリジナル (original), but it is cut off.
This is one of several examples of this same bug, where a character between pages gets cut off. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot. We will look into it.

This is very hard for me to replicate. If this isn’t a private lesson, can you share the link to this lesson or provide other examples in other lessons where I can test?

This is happening on nearly every page of my simplified Chinese reading as well - 1 character gets excluded that should be at the end of the page or beginning of the next page. Currently this is making the app unusable for me. I was really enjoying the updated UI otherwise so I’m hoping this is fixed soon.

I provided one of the lessons with this issue, but this happens on all lessons on the android app. FYI I use large font size when reading.

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