Japanese subtitled anime?

Anyone know a place I can watch anime with Japanese subtitles? Sites like “Love my anime” only have English subtitled ones, which confuses me because the sentence structure is so different. Also, seeing the kanji sometimes help me get the meaning.

I´m having the same “problem”, so I´m watching Let´s plays instead.

PS: “実況” is the word for “Let´s play”.

I also have this problem. I’m wondering if I can get DVDs with Japanese subtitles here in Germany. By the way, “実況” should be something like “live”. For example, “実況放送” is something like live broadcast. ??

You can do the same as I do. I get the original Animes in Japanese Dub without subtitles ( called RAW ).
Then I download the subtitles from this site:
and add it to the video.
Hope it helps. Good luck with your Japanese :smiley:
頑張ってね w

P.S. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post links, so if I did something wrong just delete this comment :I