Japanese Stories audio problem

Hi there,
i’m pretty new on Lingq and started learning Japanese. It was all fine till i got to the Japanese Stories which all have broken audio. The sample sentences are having wrong timecodes, so if i press the play button i don’t get the audio to the text i’m reading. I tried multible browser and the iPhone App, all the same.
Does everyone have a solution for that? I tried contacting support a week ago, but never got a response.


Hello. I did received your email on July 5th and replied on it on the same day. Maybe check your spam folder.
Regarding the issue, yes, our auto-audio split doesn’t work properly in Asian languages. I am switching all the Mini Stories in Japanese to auto Google TTS for the sentence mode, so that will hopefully solve the problem.

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Thx for your quick reply, i’ll check as soon as i get home. Sadly i never got your eMail, even checked the spam folder.

Sadly i have to report: no change. Anything i can do?

I’ll post here when it’s fixed.

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Thank you

I also encountered a few such problems. But a place that provides radio en direct at https://radiofrench.fr/ helps me solve these problems

And how did you solve this? I’m at story 50 and it’s still all a mess.

We are going through lessons from beginning and fixing them. Hopefully before the end of weekend we will have them all fixed.

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Can confirm, it works now. Thank you!

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