Japanese resources

I have a resource to recommend for Japanese. It is a website that has many books as audio, and pdfs. I hope it can benefit other learners.


Thanks, nicklepickle!

Looks interesting.
626 light novels are already available.
So let the extensive reading journey in Japanese begin :slight_smile:

especially the rating system to rate the difficulty of books is great. very easy to find stuff similar in difficulty to other books you’ve read.

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If you need other free to read stuff I recommend this website:

You can use this to check difficulty:


I´d like to add:
“For anyone who doesn’t know which of Syosetu’s 400,000 novels to read, Wikipedia has a great list of notable works that got their start on the site” (genericdave)

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Another website with a free selection of literature being in the public domain is Aozora Bunko: