Japanese Practice via Skype

I’m starting to learn Japanese and I don’t really know hardly anything so far. Maybe a few simple phrases here and there, but not much. I know an “okay” amount of vocabulary, nearly nothing about grammar and the rest of it. I’d just like someone that I can practice with as I learn, and possibly teach me a few things along the way.

Unfortunately, I do not have a microphone for my computer so I’d only be able to type, but that doesn’t mean that I won’ be working hard on my pronunciations and whatnot. If anyone would be interested, my Skype is “cyborgexperiment” (The display name should be “Bloop”)

Thank you for reading and consideration. ^-^

(How about posting to the LingQ forum instead of using LingQ?)
(I am practicing writing in English, posting comments in English to the forum.)

I thought this is the LinQ Forum?

Yutaka wrote “Would like to use the LingQ-forum instead of Skype?” in Japanese.

Ah, okay. Man I feel embarrassed now lol.
Then Yukata, sure then

(Since when do you study Japanese?)

“Man I feel embarrassed now lol.”


I’m hoping that’s correct. (It should say three weeks)

“さんしゅうかん” sounds fine to me. The Kanji for “さん” is really easy, by the way ----> 三

Not sure about the “たぶん” though.
Yutakaさん、どう思いますか?(What do you think, Yutaka?)

Thank you! I know a little bit of Kanji, probably five or a little more.
I’ve understood “たぶん” to mean maybe, possibly, probably, etc.

Yeah, I know. I´m just not sure if たぶん is used that way.
I´ve been studying Japanese for only 7 months, so you should take everything I write with a grain of salt.^^

I´m learning Kanji with http://kanjidamage.com - making up wacky stories makes learning Kanji much easier.

(I suppose that SakuraDaisuki-san used the word ‘たぶん’ because he cannot remember the exact date when he started learning Japanese.)


@Paule: ‘‘だいようぶ’’ ? Is that a shorter version for だいじょぶ ?

That was a typo^^

Seems like no one ever writes 大丈夫 as だいじょうぶ anyway.

@Yutaka “SakuraDaisukeさん”

I´m glad to know that I´m not only only one who misreads “daisuki” as “daisuke”.^^ (@SakuraDaisuki - “Daisuke” is a common name for Japanese boys/men)

I see. ‘Daisuke’ should read ‘Daisuki’

@Paule Thank you for that website. It’s fun to learn Kanji there!
Also, a lot of people misread “Daisuki” as “Daisuke”

I’m guessing that means “It’s okay, don’t worry about it”? Or close to?

Exactly. You´ll hear that a lot.^^

I feel like I accomplished something by knowing that! :smiley:
I can understand a few Kanji and a few phrases, but I can’t quite formulate my own sentences just yet.