(Japanese?) paragraph layout new bugs? fix?

Hi all,

I know this has been mentioned a couple of times, but does anyone have a working solution to get clear paragraphs? Without it, it’s just very difficult to make sense of a lot of passages. I know I can edit the text manually, but not really an option when extensively reading books.

I’ve seen for other languages that it can work to import from a .txt that has the correct spacing/paragraphs, but for Japanese the only thing that was working for me was manually copy pasting the entire book (after adding addtional line breaks via Add Line Breaks) in the " import lesson" page. An actual import never had clear layout for me.

Since recently, however, this manual copy paste doesn’t work for me anymore; every couple of ‘chapters’ I now get empty chapters with no words. Entire parts of texts missing. I thought it was maybe a one time thing, but am getting it consistently now.

So my question, is anyone aware of a current working fix for reasonable layout - or do we have to wait for 5.0?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions,

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Formatting is an issue, and v5.0 will hopefully solve it for good.
Regarding the empty chapters when importing the text, I’ve got same complaints from other users too and I reported the issue to our team. We will get that fixed soon.

Thanks Zoran - any news on this?

LingQ 5.0 beta was released today for apps, and is coming soon for the web too.
Regarding the empty lessons issue, it’s not yet fixed and I am having problems reproducing the issue on my end, which makes it harder to explain it properly to developers.
Would you be able to email me on support(at)lingq.com with text you tried importin and examples of empty lessons, please? That would be great.

Thanks Zoran, I’ll email it to you. To be clear it is not an ‘import’ issue. It only happens when I copy paste the text of a book into the text-box in the “import lesson” page. It happens every time without exception. I’ll email some examples.

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