(japanese) Never confuse Migi/Hidari!

Right, for the longest time now I could remember migi/hidari but I often forgot which one was left and which one was right, and the answer is to think “Hmm.,.” (H=hidari, m=migi), which corresponds to the english left/right. So, any time you forget, just think “Hmm…”.

Every time I see “Push” or “Pull” on the door, I wonder if this means “押す” or “引く.”

@ yuriythebest: in German it’s better still: “rechts ist wo der Daumen links ist”.

@ tora3: you can always blame a pushing or pulling mistake on a dyslexic elbow.

I wonder what Daumen links is. Thumb’s link?

The German saying is “the right is there where the thumb is on the left.”

In other words, the right hand has the thumb on the left.