Japanese Learners who are new to LINQ but not new to the language

I have been learning Japanese for over 8 years. I didn’t start to diligently study until about 2 years ago. I would consider myself intermediate. I can understand fairly well when listening but I do my best in the language when typing to people through text since I get really nervous when I speak.
I just started using Linq maybe for a few days and I found that I know how to say, use or define so many more words then I know how to read. If you ask me the word for something in person I could tell you but I would probably not be able to recognize the kanji. So I have been looking through the material on here and I have been mostly making linqs to words I already know and use verbally.
My question is should I just say I already know these words? I have so many linqs of words I already know. I am kinda of thinking that I should put them down as I know them already and eventually as I keep seeing them i’ll remember the kanj. Any suggestions?