Japanese language school

Hi from Singapore!

I’m moving to Tokyo around early next year (2020) for career purposes and am looking for Japanese language schools as I am finding a Japanese School to join here in Tokyo.

These are some of the important things for me when it comes to choosing a Japanese language school!

  1. Small class size
  2. speaking practice
  3. flexible lesson schedules
    I have already taken JLPT Practice quizzes for the N5 and I think im around that level. I am also keen on taking the JLPT test next year as well!

Would appreciate it if anyone can share with me about any Japanese language schools around Tokyo area!

This question has been asked a lot here: https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnJapanese/ If you search “language school” you’ll come across a lot of answers.

Or if you want to save A LOT of money - use LingQ everyday to read content. Start from the Mini Stories than once you become a bit more comfortable, you can check the out the rest of the library feed. You can also import content from other sources.

As for speaking practice a) Make new friends by joining meetups b) Use LingQ tutors or iTalki tutors. Since you’ll be in Japan, you have the best opportunity to start speaking. Just be careful because Tokyo has a lot of foreigners/English…well, enough to get by without the need to learn Japanese.

The method above is flexible and revolves around your time, it can be done…I have friends who are fluent in Japanese who never attended a language school. But it takes self-discipline. I should know because I lived in Japan for almost 3 years and by the time I left…I couldn’t say/read anything :confused:

Here’s a video I made that may help - YouTube



I recommend Coto language school. I studied at Coto for 6 months last year and it was great! My japanese conversation skills improved a lot. The teachers are very enjoyable while professional too.

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Have a look at Coto Academy.

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Awesome video ericrobertz, I was very motivated after seeing your video. Could you do a follow-up video?

It could connect with the beginner stuff that you showed, not like n+1 difficulty, but maybe other contents that you find it useful as well in the road of Learning Japanese.

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Thanks - I plan to do a few more videos in the new year showing my progress after 1.5 years and 2 years.

I’m mainly reading NHK Easy News and listening a lot to Nihongo Con Teppei, Let’s Learn Japanese With Small Talk, and Shirokuma Cafe. As well as watching YouTube channels like McGuffin (Japanese channel about fashion, culture, music).