Japanese Kanji vocab

I’m curious as to what others learning Japanese here do with their lingQs, and what advice you might have. I’m finding that my existing range of Japanese vocabulary (speaking/listening) is far greater than my range of written kanji words, and naturally I am rapidly acquiring spoken vocab which of course I can’t yet read in kanji.
I do prefer to use texts with kanji (and there’s more content), rather than kana only texts.

I find myself with a large amount of unknown words in kanji that I can otherwise recognise in speech and myself articulate. I read kana script fluently, but doubling up lingQs doesn’t appeal to me ie. the same word listed in 2 scripts. (Not to be confused with making hints for kanji that give kana and English meaning).

What should I do? Shall I just chill out for a while and concentrate on learning Kanji characters and post-phone making lingQs ? (but continue listening). What are others’ experiences?

I’ve been less inclined to make lingQs lately.

Have you tried Remembering the Kanji? I got to about 250 then wanted to stab myself in the eye with my pencil, but maybe it will work for you.

I’ve got Essential Kanji which isn’t bad.

@djvlbass - I find writing the characters themselves is quite a pleasant past-time. Also, after a while you get a natural/intuitive sense of correct stroke order. It’s just I find myself with a bit of a dilemma because my rate of acquiring vocab is outstripping recognising written kanji vocab. So you reckon I should postpone making lingQs for a while while I learn individual characters?

“So you reckon I should postpone making lingQs for a while while I learn individual characters?”
No not at all.

I actually like the characters too. I found I like copying sentences in order to learn the characters, but its slow going. You could try converting the texts into Kana then rewriting them with kanji?

RTK by Heisig is a mnenonic system. It basically teaches the characters completely out of context, but very systimatically. There are some people who have claimed to have learned 2000 kanji in as few as three months using this system.

Dunno if I’m sounding ambiguous. I don’t want to mark a word as known if I can’t recognise it in normal written content. Yet I’ve been feeling somewhat frustrated because a word is otherwise an easy word to me in oral or written kana form. I’m not having much luck with learning kanji vocab simply from review flashcards alone, and therefore I’m not being able to acquire learned lingQs - unless it was previously an unknown katakana word, say.
Would love to hear from Japanese learners.
Also, any ideas, Steve??

sorry, my internet or computer or this site (lol) is slow, so my updates are slow. I’ve read a fair bit about RTK from David James (Goldlisting), and I adapted his suggested study chart to fit my own Essential Kanji book. I’m thinking I should give more emphasis to learning them, then come back and go through lingQ content (but not ignore it entirely). I’ll be doing Dutch on here anyway soon.

gotta hit the sack for the time being: it’s 12.40 am here and my little boy wakes up at the crack of dawn. I’ll check back tomorrow (oh yeh, it already is).