Japanese imported texts no line breaks?

Hi, I’ve been importing a lot of Japanese texts recently, and haven’t successfully found a way to maintain line and paragraph breaks in LingQ, to the effect that the texts (sometimes multi-chapter novels) come out as just one big block of text. I haven’t had this problem with any other language yet, any ways around this?

Are you importing texts by copy-pasting? Does text have regular formatting in document you are copying it from? In some cases formatting isn’t kept successfully, but update to 5.0 version we are currently working on should handle this better.

Thanks for the response! I’m importing .txt files which have line breaks between paragraphs. The line breaks uniformly are not reflected on LingQ (at least on the iOS app). Note: I just checked on the web app, and it seems the line breaks are reflected in the “full text” box, and the page separations occur by paragraph. So it may just be an iOS issue.