Japanese Help. Can someone explain yo u ni in this sentence?

毎日 の ように 遊び に やってくる 男の子 の 悪友から 逃れる こと は でき なかった

I understand the sentence is saying that Every day…From boys friends who come over to play, he could not escape.

I’m confused by the youni. I always thought that youni meant in order to, or, for/as this or this way.

Could someone explain 毎日 の ように?


I think it means “almost everyday”. I often see it used as a simile:
赤ちゃんのように寝る。“Sleep like a baby.” So, it might be used more figuratively, or it might just be a set expression meaning “almost everyday” or “like everyday”. Hopefully that helps.


~のように can mean ‘as’ or ‘like’, so I’d go with “almost every day” or “like every day”, as pointed out, as well as “almost on a daily basis”.


ジムsan(lol)は日本人のように日本語を話します。Jim speaks Japanese like a Japanese.
今日は春になったように暖かいです。Today is as warm as if it had become spring.
上田さんのように走れますか。Can you run like Mr Ueda?
猫がかわいいように犬もかわいいです。Just like cats are cute, so are dogs. (Dogs are cute, just like cats),

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Yes, 毎日のように means “almost evey day” or “like everyday”. The translation should be: “I” couldn’t escape from the boy’s bad friends who came over to play almost every day.


Thank you!

Thanks Everyone.

Hmm… On my second thought, maybe "He (the boy) "could not escape. I can’t really tell who could not escape from this sentence only. Sorry about that.