Japanese: goshushin?

right, I’ve been listening to podcasts and have slight question - I heard someone say goshushin (hometown) repeatedly. now, “shushin” is hometown, “oshushin” is a more polite way of saying it but what’s with goshushin? (goshushin wa doku desu ka?) - is it just the way it was said and it’s actually oshushin? help please

maybe it is “goshuJin” which is a formal way of saying “husband” (literally means “master”)

ご出身、I am not a native speaker but I have only heard goshusshin i.e. where you were born.

thanks steve!

We say “Go-shussin” , 御出身, which is a more polite way of saying “Shusshin”, 出身.
We usually add something like “go” or “o” before the noun in order to say it politely.

“GoshuJin”, 御主人 is completely different with “Goshusshin”. This word means “husband”.

I don’t know the reason why we say ”Go+…” for certains words, “O+…” for others.

For example,
Sakana >> o sakana
niku >> o niku

kekkon>> go kekkon
soudan>>go soudan

wow thanks dillemme for the useful info. perhaps go/o is used depending on what generally sounds better - same as with how a/an is used in english to make sentences easier to pronounce?

Generally speaking, " Go " is used for words derived from Chinese,
while " O "is used for words with Japanese origin.
( I didn’t know that until I googled today.)

I would be sorry if there is something wrong in my understanding about this.

I’ve got my second job as an interpreter, and I started to have a
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hi YukataM - my knowledge of japanese/kanji is still way too low to understand that so I used google translate:

(Us) from the word, not just hometown, province of origin, and may point to the university. Asked whether any of them, the situation must be determined.



The word may refer to the prefecture where your home town is situated, the university where you graduated from, and so on as well as your home town.

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「what are not agreeing with?」と質問されたら、「その英語は理解できません」と答えます。

YutakaM I am thankful for the “o/go” explanation but I don’t agree or disagree with anything you wrote in japanese as my level of japanese (especially reading) is not high enough


You don’t have to agree on anything I wrote in Japanese. I just wanted say that you could practice writing in Japanese at Open Forum in Japanese. Don’t worry about what I wrote in Japanese.

okey :slight_smile: hopefully in 3-5 years I’ll come back to this thread and understand everything :slight_smile: