Japanese films in 1950s

1950年代映画(Japanese films in 1950s)

(I like Mizoguchi’s or Ozu’s films, especially Sanshodayu is my favorite one.)

(Please tell me your favorite films.)

Dillemme-さん:こんいちは!初めまして。ジョンでございます。どうぞ宜しくお願いします。私も溝口の映画が好きです。でも小津監督の映画作品大好きですよ!特に山椒東京物語と秋刀魚の味という映画が好きです。(Hello Dillemme-san: Nice to meet you. My name is John. I also like Mizoguchi films. But, I love films directed by Ozu. I especially like “Tokyo Story” and “An Autumn Afternoon”.) I have a lot of Japanese Movies on DVD’s including many old movies and also some modern movies. I just finished watching マルサの女 and マルサの女2。Very strange but also quite enjoyable. I will try to write more about movies in Japanese again sometime!

(I’ve seen films in 1950’s just works of Akira Kurosawa and Ozu’s Tokyo monogatari, that John mentioned above.)
(However, after watched many Italian monochrome films during this vacation, now I’m curious of also Japanese films at that time:))
(I also heard that 「巨人と玩具(Giants and Toys?)」of Masumura is interesting with stinging satire.)
(Johnさんがご覧になったマルサの女つながりで)最近、伊丹十三監督の「たんぽぽ」を鑑賞しましたがとても面白ったです。お勧めです。(Recently, I saw Juzo Itami’s 「Tampopo」and I found it fantastic! I highly raccomand it!)

*間違いだらけの英語ですみません><。お気づきの点などご指摘いただけると嬉しいです。(sorry for my english)

僕も小津監督大好きので、現代の日本人に対してそなに人気ないのとおもった。基本的に、僕の日本映画興味はDonald Richie のお陰で。


I find that Giants and Toys is interesting, too.
One of main characters played by Hitomi Nozoe was very cute.