Japanese Content / Any ideas?

Hi. I’m Hitomi the Japanese Tutor.
Jason has been asking about English content and I felt the same as him.
Since I have spent most of my life in Japan, it can be hard to guess what a non-native speaker would like to see/study.
Please give us any hints. We will do our best to meet your needs.
Thank you.

Hello, Hitomi,
This week I spend some time in google to find some Portuguese material, maybe you could do the same. I found some interesting resources under Creative Commons (CC) and others I had asked the authors their permition. Most of them have only the text, so I read something and then shared in the library. Two of them have both audio and text.
Some examples that I got:

  • a book with funny tales
  • a site with content aimed at kids and teenagers (good for beginners!)
  • a blog on culture (in a very broad sense)
  • a literary podcast
  • a magazine about science
  • short news from wikipedia and also from a brazilian agency.
    I hope these examples of mine can inspire you!

Hi Ana,

Thank you for your kind suggestions.
I haven’t had time to Google search yet but I will definitely do that.
I am a mother myself and I know quite a few site for children.
I think I can ask some of them for their permission.

Muito obrigada, Ana!

Hi Ana,

thank you for the portuguese content! Where can I find the content aimed at kids and teenagers?

You’re both welcome! :slight_smile:
The “for kids” sites I put or I’m goint to put in the library are from here:
Hope it helps!

I’m kind of masochistic when I study Japanese, and I study a lot of really hard things relating to social issues. I also love fashion and fashion magazines.

I think what you have been doing with conversations between you and your husband have been great. Also conversations between you and your daughter would be nice too. A lot of people think that understanding children in another language is easier than adults because “they use simple words.” I find the opposite to be true, and that it is just as difficult to understand children as adults.

So keep on providing the conversations with your family. I think they are great to learn from. Also, if you want something read in english, email me at eckleyval * gmail. I have a lot of Japanese I want read. I love emma to death, but she cant possibly do all my reading for me ^^


Yes I’ve noticed you love hard things as much as sweet Lolita fashion.
The idea behind “Hitomi and Sadayuki podcasts” is to make something similar to LingQ tutor’s conversations in English section which I enjoy very much.
Something like natural, everyday conversation between friends. I will do that with my daughter too. Thank you for your suggestion.

And…yes, I do like to have things read in English.
I’m going to be in the all-English play!
Have you heard of the play called “The Boys Next Door” by Tom Griffin?
I got a small role as an old lady who is hard of hearing.
It has copyright so we can not put it on LingQ though.
I will send it to you by email.
Do send me anything you want me to read in Japanese in exchange!
Thank you.

forgot to put my address.

I do know “the boys next door”

sounds like a good experience for you

as for LingQ, you can still upload things for private use, ne!

just a quick note to Val,

I have done the recording and sent it to your Gmail address.
I will send you the excerpt from “The boys…” soon. Thank you.