Japanese audio books and E-books

Is there anyone that lives in Japan, whom I am able to buy Japanese audio books and E-books.

As I am not living in Japan I am unable to buy Japanese E-books or audio books without an Japanese address.

If someone is able to help, I would be grateful.

I would think the best way is to make the books accessible to windows 10 sent it via E-mail and than I should be able to up load it on LingQ as a lesson.

You can buy from Amazon JP, but you have to use a VPN and give the address of a hotel or something similar. I know of people who used the address of the Hilton Hotel in Tokyo for instance and it was fine.

You can also use a proxy address service such as Tenso. They will provide you with a virtual Japanese address and you’ll be good to go.

There’s also Kobo Books Japan that doesn’t require the use of a VPN but still requires a Japanese address.

I think Kobo is a better choice, because the DRM is much easier to remove if you want to import these books into Lingq.


OK how does Tenso work for E-books and audio books?

If you are looking to post the E-Books here. I suggest using https://www.aozora.gr.jp/ which is the Japanese equivalent to Project Gutenberg, which are books available in the public domain.


Tenso is a parcel forwarding service - you can use it for printed books or other things you can buy from Japan and want to receive in Au or wherever. So provides you an address you would use where you need a Japanese address. How it works is described on their home page - you register and get the JP address for your use.

Audible and Bookwalker don’t seem to require an address.

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I don’t live in Japan but I do have a product I bought that includes a Japanese Audio Drama. I was planning on posting it on here later for my private use. If I can send you a private invite for it here I will.
I may not do it in a timely manner and be sure to remind me.

Thanks, just bookmarked this.

How are their prices compared to Buyee?

Seem fairly same, maybe Tenso is a bit cheaper, judging by quick look of sending 1 kg to New Zealand.

I live in Japan how can I help?

ahh yeah I am able to buy Japanese books on line now and I am able to upload them to Lingq, now I am looking for Japanese to read some books out loud so I can use there voice for audio.

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you can’t use Bookwalker for LingQ sadly.

this guide was primarily made for buying music from japan, but it will probably be useful for you.

There are forwarding and proxy shopping services that solve this exact problem of japanese shops requiring a japanese address.

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