Japanese - add your own kana above kanji?

I currently use the kana function above kanji to help me read the word and learn the pronunciation in context, but a lot of the time the kana above the kanji does not match the correct one used in the audio or video. For example, in a video there is a quote "キツネはお腹が空いています。” and above the word 空いて it has the kana for the pronunciation “aite” but the correct one for the context is “suite”. As far as I know, this can’t be changed. Am I missing something and this can be changed? If not, is it possible to implement?

Some of us have asked about similar, but maybe more emphasized LingQ getting the word breaks correct and then getting the furigana right without us users having to do it user-by-user.

I’ll watch this thread to, to see if LingQ has a good answer coming up to get this fixed.

We’ll do our best to have this feature improved soon.


The same applies to simplified and traditional Chinese. Pinyin is often incorrect. The word splitting is also often wrong. This problem has not been solved in the entire last decade…

Please , make it happen! :slight_smile:

Indeed. Encountered yet another today.