(jap) myou ni samete?

right, I know myou is dark and overall it’s supposed to mean that the person is dark, but can anyone explain what samete is? I’ve searched the online dictionaries and it’s only used in conjunction with other words (if you must provide examples please use romanji as otherwise I won’t understand)

I don’t know where you got myou=dark from. It means ‘vague’, ‘subtle’, ‘strange’.
‘samete’ is the te form of ‘sameru’, ‘to awake’, ‘to be aware’.

I’m not really familiar with the idiom, but looking at examples on the internet, it seems to mean ‘vaguely aware’.
The kanji for sameru is usually 覚める, but in the expression 醒める seems to be more common, and this has a stronger implication of ‘being aware’ over ‘waking up’.