I've started using mobile. How to switch to deepL translator?

Recently I bought a tablet and a stylus as this is an easier way to learn for me rather than my laptop or tiny phone. My tablet also has the wonderful ability to have two apps open at once so I can watch, listen, and read all at the same time. However, I prefer using DeepL as my translator and I’m able to find the setting that changes this on my tablet.


It only became a setting recently to switch in the website, so I think it’s just not there in the app (at least last time I looked for it). I assume it will come in the near future.


I’ve looked on iOS and they are not there yet. I “suppose” the same settings on the web are replicated on every device, but the ability to change them is not present on each OS.

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If it’s the same every device I’ll be okay then, thanm you.