I've ran out of LingQ's?

I don’t really use LingQ’s as much to avoid premium as its too expensive for me. However when I try to get hints for a word I get this, even though I only have 1 LingQ.

You said you do not use lingq very much as to avoid paying when actually it does not matter at all, you will pay the same price if you use 10min or 100 hours during one month.
This message is normal and how can $10 be expensive? Go have a look at the rosetta stone

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I’ve seen Rossetta Stone, but I still have money problems and comparing the two wont solve that. My friend went through Japanese to level B2 without paying once, and on my other account I lost I got further than I did now. I mean it states that “I’ve ran out of LingQs”.

Hello [manslearningswedish],

The lingq number showing at the top shows how many LingQs you have created in that lesson. The LingQ limit with a free account is 20.
This is not a bug. You do still have access to all the content but to create LingQs and track vocabulary you have to pay. You can invite friends to increase your LingQs limit and if any of them upgrade you can earn points. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ.
Or, click the “like us on Facebook” button for a surprise reward :slight_smile: